Sweet Pickins Milk Paint is a true milk paint which comes in powder form.  It is environmentally safe and non-toxic.  There is a slight odor when applied, but is completely odorless when dry.  SPMP is 100% VOC free and is made with all natural earth elements.  To make the paint, you simply mix the powder with warm water.  Each bag contains 6 0z. powder and makes one pint when mixed.  The sample bags are smaller.  One package will cover 36 sq. ft., which is approx. 2 small dressers, l small hutch or 5-6 chairs.  How far the paint goes will depend upon your painting technique, how thick/thin you mix the paint, how many coats you do and the contrast between the color you are painting compared to the piece you are painting.

There is no prep work with milk paint.  You can simply clean your piece and then paint.

Add Extra-Bond when painting over a nonporous or previously finished/painted piece of furniture.  The Extra-Bond will ensure adhesion and give you better control over chipping.  I highly recommend to always have the Extra-Bond on hand when using milk paint.  Milk paint is known for its unpredictability when not using the Extra-Bond.

Full instructions on how to use SPMP are included in packaging.

For additional information on Sweet Pickins Milk Paint, check out our link SPMP-Additional Information.



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